HPtex - High Performance Textiles

Mesh is our passion

Our name is our program

High Performance Textiles, plays a decisive role in related space technologies such as deployable antennas, unfurlable reflectors, or thermal hardware.

Mesh is our personal passion. “Made in Germany”, in highest quality, for the word market is our daily satisfaction.

Founded in 2020 - a joint venture

As the demand for metal meshes picked up speed, and additionally the option for a very large contract for an LDR-Subsystem (LDRS) with Europe´s Copernicus Program, namely “CIMR” appeared at the horizon, the directors of the two companies HPS and IPROTEX decided to take the next step: A Joint Venture, founded in February 2020.

With that, two expertise merge: the extraordinary technical skills of IPROTEX in „Technical Textiles” and the heritage of HPS in „Space Programs”. Since then, orders for high quality metal meshes of all kinds and for various purposes keep on pouring in.

Innovative partners

Back in 2015, in the context of an ESA technology study, HPS joined with Frauenhofer Application Center as development partners for metal meshes, aiming a 5m engineering model.

Mesh is our passion.

We call it "Universal" Space Mesh (USM).
Applications in space range from telecommunications to earth observation, from L- to Ka- and even up to V-band.
Two scientists examin the space mesh

Unique mesh solutions and related services

Our mesh products provide best possible balance between RF performance and mechanical elasticity.

We offer both, well defined products with fix characteristics off the shelf as well as customized ones to meet specific customer needs. On request, we perform batch related characterisation tests (RF, mechanical, thermo-optical, etc.). Unique sewing services for large mesh width (10m wide and 15m long; total size currently max. 150sqm²) are provided.

Do you want to reach the stars with us?

Check our open positions at HPtex and take the chance to work in the fields of spaceflight missions. We are always looking for motivated individuals to join our mission.
two Scientists at work

Since 2015
we are intensively engaged in mesh developments.

Applications of our meshes range from earth observation to telecommunication, from antenna engineering support to protoflight/flight models delivery for reflectors.

HPtex News

We present you on this page news on HPtex, its antenna mesh developments and mesh products.

MESH exclusively provided by HPtex, Münchberg

Largest joint innovation project in European spaceflight

Largest joint innovation project in European spaceflight: Kick-off Phase C/D for the large deployable antenna “LDRS” in the CIMR project   MESH exclusively provided by HPtex, Münchberg   Since the spectacular win of the €110 million contract in 2020 for the development and construction of

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