HPtex - High Performance Textiles

Mesh is our passion

Our name is our program

HPtex, High Performance Textiles, ready to play a decisive role in space technologies.

In a Joint Venture, unique as such in Germany, IPROTEX and HPS combine extraordinary competence in the field of technical textiles with tremendous heritage in Space Tech.

Founded 2020

HPtex GmbH, founded in February 2020, resides in Münchberg, Germany. The development of its core product, a metal mesh for space antennas, has been initiated by both companies already back in 2015.

Innovative partners

HPS was looking for a development partner for metal meshes fit for use in large deployable reflectors (LDRS) in the context of an ESA Technology study aiming at a 5m Engineering Model, among all choices Fraunhofer Application Center for Textile Fiber Ceramics turned out to be the most flexible, innovative and open minded partner that also has had a successful history of cooperation with IPROTEX for many years. Over the times relationship between all entities intensified - technically, personally and visionary.

Mesh is our passion.

We call it European Space Mesh - ESM.
Applications in space range from telecommunications to earth observation, from L- to Ka- and even up to V-band.
Two scientists examin the space mesh

Unique product solutions made in Germany

Our products provide best possible balance between RF performance and mechanical elasticity.

We offer both, well defined products with fix characteristics off the shelf and customized ones to meet specific customer needs. In case of need, batch related characterisation tests (RF, mechanical, thermo-optical, etc.) can be performed on request.

Do you want to reach the stars with us?

Check our open positions at HPtex and take the chance to work in the fields of spaceflight missions. We are always looking for motivated individuals to join our mission.
two Scientists at work

Since 2015
we are engaged in mesh developments.

Applications of our meshes range from earth observation to telecommunication, from antenna engineering to protoflight/flight models and reflectors.

HPtex News

We appreciate to present you on this page news on HPtex, its antenna mesh developments and mesh products.

Kick-off for CIMR-Mesh Contract

Kick-off for CIMR-Mesh Contract

2nd of March 2021 marked the milestone of contract signature between HPtex GmbH and HPS GmbH for the provision of the metallic reflective mesh for the CIMR Mission of the EU Copernicus Earth Observation program. The CIMR Mission is a crucial element of the EU

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The HPtex Logo

HPtex: space textiles made in Bavaria

With the foundation of HPTEX GmbH in February 2020 in equal shares by the Bavarian companies HPS GmbH and Iprotex GmbH & Co KG, a company is being launched that no one else in the space industry has ever had on the cards before: HPS, the

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