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Ready to play a decisive role in space technologies.

With competence in space technology

Our name is our program: HPtex, High Performance Textiles,
ready to play a decisive role in space technologies.

In a Joint Venture, unique as such in Germany, IPROTEX and HPS combine extraordinary competence in the field of technical textiles with tremendous heritage in Space Tech.

HPtex GmbH, founded in Februray 2020, resides in Münchberg, Germany.
The development of its core product, a metal mesh for space antennas, has been initiated by both companies already back in 2015. The area of R&D development has been strongly supported by Fraunhofer Application Center for Textile Fiber Ceramics and the University of Applied Science Hof since the beginning. Starting with a metal mesh for Ku-band applications, the portfolio is being extended continuously year by year. This programmed growth also constantly opens new job perspectives for high potentials of the Bavarian Upper Franconia region.


Back in 2015, HPS was looking for a development partner for metal meshes fit for use in large deployable reflector subsystems (LDRS).

In the context of an ESA Technology study aiming at a 5m Engineering Model, among all choices Fraunhofer Application Center for Textile Fiber Ceramics turned out to be the most flexible, innovative and open minded partner that also has had a successful history of cooperation with IPROTEX for many years.

Over the times relationship between all entities intensified – technically, personally and visionary. In November 2018 a cooperation agreement has been signed by all three partners, giving yet another boost to the joint development effort.

As the demand for metal meshes picked up speed, and additionally the option for a very large contract for an LDR-Subsystem (LDRS) with Europe´s Copernicus Program appeared at the horizon, the directors of the two companies HPS and IPROTEX decided to take the next step: A Joint Venture, founded in February 2020.
With that, two expertise merge: the extraordinary technical skills of IPROTEX in „Technical Textiles” and the heritage of HPS in „Space Programs”. Since then, orders for high quality metal meshes of all kinds and for various purposes keep on pouring in.

handshake iprotex & HPS

Signature of a cooperation agreement between Timo Piwonski (CEO of IPROTEX), Dr.-Ing. Ernst K. Pfeiffer (CEO of HPS)

handshake Fraunhofer & HPS

and Prof. Dr. Frank Ficker (Lead of Fraunhofer Application Center for Textile Fiber Ceramics) on 14.11. 2018

HPtex Shareholder HPS

HPS – High Performance Structures GmbH – based in Munich

IPROTEX headquarter in Münchberg

iprotex group – headquarters in Münchberg


High Performance Textiles GmbH – short: HPtex – is equally owned and run by its two parent companies, HPS and IPROTEX.

Since foundation in the year 2000 HPS – High Performance Structures GmbH – based in Munich, Germany, has grown to become one of the central European players in the fields of subsystems and components for space applications.
Customers like the European Space Agency ESA, the German Space Agency DLR, the European Union, and the large system integrators ThalesAleniaSpace, Airbus and OHB rely on quality and reliability of products made by HPS, including for example reflector antennas, deployable sail subsystems for de-orbiting space craft, thermal hardware like multilayer insulations, composite and metal lightweight structures as well as large deployable selector subsystems (LDRS). These experiences support the CIMR Project with an European LDRS made by SMEs with HPS as a Prime and HPtex as a subcontractor.
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The iprotex group with its headquarters in Münchberg, Germany, is a global acting manufacturer of technical textiles with more than 20 years of experience. With currently 9 locations worldwide the group has a considerable global reach and works near to markets and customers all over the globe.
The origin core business of iprotex is the development and manufacturing of innovative protective textiles for the automotive industry and OEM. The long-term experience and the deep expertise in textile engineering that has evolved over the years, now gets more and more transferred to other industries, where innovative textile solutions are needed and useful. Being a Full-Service textile manufacturer means to be first contact person for customers starting from the yarn and ending with successful textile application solution. At iprotex we are looking for challenges and see them as chances to grow – in our business and our skills.
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Research and Development partners in the frame of metal mesh technology are the Fraunhofer Application Center for Textile Fiber Ceramics in Münchberg and the University of Applied Science Hof, both located quite near to HPtex.
Fraunhofer ISC
The University of applied sciences Hof
HPtex is part of the European Consortium for Lage Deployable Subsystems - WeLEA

A part of the WeLEA Consortium

HPtex is a part of the European Consortium for Large Deployable Subsystems “WeLEA”. And we are looking forward to be a part of further partnerships around the globe to provide tailormade meshes for all kind of space applications.


Have you always dreamed of developing and manufacturing in the fields of spaceflight missions ?
Do you want to take part in creating something fascinating in order to contribute to climate protection or global communication?

Here at HPtex, we are looking for motivated individuals who want to join us on our mission. Work for the european experts in space mesh technology and create the future together with us.

Open Positions at HPtex:
Due to the highly dynamic development of our company, an unsolicited application can bring the desired success faster than waiting for official tenders. We therefore expressly encourage you to actively approach us!