New: Stainless Steel Training Mesh Supporting Strategic Partnerships

Muenchberg (Germany), May 3rd, 2023. HPtex, the new hidden champion in the market for European Space Mesh (ESM), has now succeeded in taking long series of development phases to final success: knitting stainless steel to form a mesh for training and experimenting purposes. “The new stainless steel mesh works with threads of only 0,03 mm diameter, so almost exactly like the original ESM made of gold coated molybdenum wires”, assures HPtex chief engineer Benjamin Kolodziej, “up to now, even for training purposes customers had no choice but to rely on the comparatively expensive original ESM. With our stainless steel mesh we can offer a clearly cheaper alternative now to customers who have decided to find their way into the promising business with deployable space reflectors.”


Peter Rauhut, CEO of HPtex, explains the business case behind this unusual offer:” Indeed, what we are doing here seems a bit odd at first glance – why don´t we just keep on selling the original also for training purposes like we´ve done until now instead of even spending money and other resources on the development of a cheaper solution? The reason is: we focus on the broader perspective; our strategic vision is to help multiplying the range of companies that are able to come up with deployable space antennas and reflectors. Giving development support through strategic partnerships with promising space-tech innovators especially in the Asia-Pacific we constantly build up an evergrowing basis of potential international customers.”

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